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NEEDAB Set of 18 Waterproof Acrylic Paint Pens with Unique 2-5 mm Reversible Tip.

Acrylic Paint markers for Paper, Canvas, Wood, Rock Painting, Glass, Resin, Fabric and Mug. Dual Tip Pen..


Why choose needab paint pens?

  • High quality and multicoloured.
  • Diverse and non-hazardous.
  • Non-fading and smooth flowing.
  • Water and ultraviolet rays resistant.
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces.
  • Fast drying.
  • Transportable.
  • Markers with Remarkable Quality
    This pack of needab paint pens includes 18 multicoloured markers that aid artists in bringing their inventive ideas to life in bursts of vibrant colours that last long and provide a smooth, easy finish. Use these paint pens to convert your thoughts into detailed strokes of genius!
  • Quick and Matchless Results
    These paint pens dry rapidly and don’t fade. They are sunlight and water-resistant, which makes it difficult for the art to smudge. They work best in areas of outlining, shading, and minor details that matter most. Make use of these to make your work stand out!
  • Multi-Surface and Multifunctional
    needab paint pens are usable on various surfaces, including body, rock, wood, stone, pebble, canvas, metal, ceramic, toys, paper, and anything you choose to use them on. Simply said, acrylic paint pens can be used on anything, be it light or dark, smooth or rough, it makes no difference. Use these to be more innovative!
  • Unique and Child-Friendly
    Unlike regular markers, the ink of these paint pens does not leak. These paint pens are waterproof and permanent, unscented and non-toxic, unfading, and sun resistant, which is best for art students and children.
  • Easy to Use
    It is highly easy to use these pens. Just press the nib in and let the magic happen. May be useful to artists that have trouble with smudged edges and drawing lines or beginners. Let these pens bring your motivation back!
  • Easily Managed and Portable
    Have an urge to paint while travelling? Need to pack the pens into luggage? Leave it to the needab paint pens! They don’t create a mess and are light to carry around. Gift these to your fellow artist friends and share immense talent!